Paper Tapes for Masking Applications

Efficient and easy to use products for applications including general purpose masking and fine line masking for yacht painting

Paper Masking Tapes

Painting a yacht with tesa Precision Mask® 4334

Painting a yacht with tesa Precision Mask® 4334

tesa has a range of paper backed masking tapes for industrial applications, ranging from general purpose low temperature masking tapes such as tesa® 4323, which are suitable for short term jobs that have to rely on a quality finish and residue free removable such as painting and decorating applications. tesa® 4341 is part of the high temperature range of paper masking tapes, these are suitable for spray painting applications where oven drying temperatures rise to 160 degrees°C and offer residue free removal even after repeated drying cycles.

For heavy duty applications such as sandblasting, tesa's various paper masking tapes, of which tesa® 4434 and tesa® 4432 are, offer very strong resistant paper backing, which are ideal during sandblasting on stone, metal and glass.

Further to these applications, tesa 4334 Precision Mask® can be used when a long straight perfect painted line is needed even when faced with a mighty task like painting yacht hulls