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Share the journey towards future-proof appliances with our range of forward-thinking adhesive solutions for commercial units including secure mounting, protection in transit, and efficient foaming processes.

Application overview

Mounting and fixation

Commercial appliances control panel mounting illustration

01Control panel mounting

Using our double-sided tapes to mount displays and control panels is quicker, cleaner, and easier than alternative mechanical fasteners. Our tapes can be die cut and offer firm, long-lasting adhesion.

Commercial appliances bumper rail mounting illustration

02Bumper rail mounting

Our double-sided tape solutions enable you to mount plastic or metal trims to a metal housing, without the weight and inconvenience of screws or the curing time and drip-risk of glue.

Appliances adhering coils illustration

03Adhering coils

Our tapes ensure refrigerator and freezer coils are bonded as tightly as possible to the appliance. This enables the highest rate of temperature transfer and boosts efficiency.

Appliances evaporator mounting illustration

04Evaporator mounting

By bonding the evaporator plate directly to the back of the polystyrene body over the full area (100%) manufacturers can avoid polystyrene foam migration after injection.

Appliances emblem mounting illustration

05Mounting of emblems

Our double-sided tapes ensure an easy and clean mounting process for emblems, eliminating the need for piercing the metal or plastic substrates as required for screws or rivets.

Appliances fixing of small parts illustration

06Fixing of small parts

Using a double-sided tape to handle, position, and mount small parts onto a PS body makes fore an easy, quick, and efficient process.

Transport and protection

Commercial appliances strapping transport securing doors illustration

01Securing doors or shelves for transport

Prevent damage to door hinges and shelves during transport by keeping them in place with our strong tape solutions that also reduce rattling and leave no residue upon removal.

Foaming process

Appliances air permeability foaming process illustration

01Air permeability and venting

Covering holes with venting tape prevents the PU foam from squeezing out during injection while still allowing air flow, ensuring that an excess of pressure is avoided.

Cloth tape is used to cover gaps and joints during injection to prevent the PU foam from squeezing out.

02Gap covering

Using tape to cover any gaps and joints will prevent the PU foam from squeezing out during injection and helps ensure the appliance operates at maximum efficiency. 

Appliances reinforcing foaming process illustration


Using tape to reinforce a joint (for example, where the PS body and metal housing meet) holds the form tightly together during foaming.

Appliances hole covering foaming process illustration

04Hole covering

Covering holes as well as gaps in a PS body or door prevents the PU foam from squeezing out during injection, helping boost the appliance’s efficiency.

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