Drive towards a more sustainable future with tesa's PFAS-Free Attachment Part Solutions

At tesa, we understand the role adhesive tapes play in securing attachment parts to the car body.
Our acrylic foam tape tesa® ACXplus range has been a game-changer, providing unmatched reliability and performance.
What sets us apart is our dedication to sustainability – our entire range of acrylic foam tapes is already free from harmful PFAS chemicals, aligning with the EU's potential ban by 2025.


01PFAS-Free, Performance-Driven: tesa® ACXplus for Automotive Assembly

In the dynamic landscape of automotive exterior attachment, tesa's acrylic foam adhesive tapes ACXplus are PFAS-free and shine as the ideal solution. tesa® ACXplus tapes exhibit no performance differences compared to those containing forever chemicals. This is excellent news for OEMs and OES worldwide, relying on our high-performance tapes for various applications, from emblems to body moldings and beyond.


02Towards a more sustainable future

Tesa offers a trusted alternative with its ACXplus tapes, providing a tried and tested, safe, and PFAS-free option compared to adhesives containing PFAS chemicals. Customers can depend on Tesa's dedication to safety and sustainability. The transition to ACXplus is seamless for manufacturers and suppliers, with Tesa ensuring a smooth shift for automotive industry players. There is no compromise on performance during the transition period.


The tesa sustainability marker for its industrial tapes

03Sustainability at the core of tesa’s values

 As a global player, tesa embraces responsibility across its value chain. Our sustainability agenda revolves around five strategic areas: emission reduction, responsible procurement, use of recycled and bio-based materials, circular economy, and waste avoidance. By 2030, we aim to achieve a 70% proportion of recyclable or bio-based raw materials in our products and packaging, with a 50% reduction in non-recycled fossil-based plastic by 2025.

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