Resealable Bag Closure Fingerlift – Double Sided

Resealable Bag Closure - Double-Sided

Our double-sided bag closure solutions are easy to integrate into your production process, while keeping the existing packaging design and offering the end consumer a very convenient reclosure.

tesa offers 2 double sided tape re-closure systems for the flexible film packaging market:

tesa 6917 is a proven re-closure system for chilled and ambient goods alongside the Flexcan style of pouch, it offers a very reliable re-closure for the pack.

tesa 64621 PV6 is specifically designed for tape top Doy pack designs.

For easy use by consumers both products have the easily identifiable red liner with fingerlift.

In addition to the re-closure system tesa also offers reliable and productive dispensing solutions, we have a wide experience intergrating re-closure tapes into many different production environments.    

Features of our double-sided resealable bag closures:

  • Widley recognised re-closure system
  • Reliable adhesive system which will not age and make packs look out of date
  • Fingerlift liner is easy for consumers to understand and use.
  • Highly productive integration solutions from tesa into existing production lines.