tesa Tape Solutions for Masking

Filmic Tapes for Masking Applications

When precise masking is critical, filmic masking tapes are the products of choice. These products are also referred to as fine-line tapes; the name speaks for itself and can be used in very aggressive applications that includes high temperatures

Filmic Masking Tapes



For specialist applications such as galvanising, etching and powder coating, where a masking tape needs to be thin yet strong enough to withstand acid and high temperatures, or you just need a tape to offer a straight line over long distance - like aircraft or yacht maintanence, yet still need to acheive a precise flat paint edge, tesa has a broad range of filmic masking tape that will achieve the results you are demanding.

To withstand the high temperatures that the powder coating process demands, a masking tape such as tesa® 50600 has a silicone adhesive that achieves residue free removal after being subject to 220°C for 30 minutes and due to it's PET backing it is tear resistant and provides a precise edge.

tesa® 51408 Kapton® Tape has a polymide backing which is resistant to acids and is extremely resistant to high temperatures, upto 315°C short term.

Due to the chemicals found in the electromechanical process of galvanising, where a material is coated in metal to reduce oxidation, the requirement for an adhesive tape is to be resistant to acid and tear resistant, tesa® 4154 is suitable for this process, it also provides a flat straight edge during spray painting.