Wire harnessing solutions for the automotive industry

Wire Harnessing Tapes for Bundling and Protection

We offer an extensive range of wire harnessing tapes for reliable and efficient bundling and protection against noise and abrasion.

Secure Bundling – Automotive Wire Harnessing Solutions

Harness coverings need to securely bundle harnesses and withstand extreme temperatures and environmental conditions. Products for the engine compartment have to be highly resistant to abrasion whilst in the interior tapes are used to reduce noise, vibration and harshness (NVH).

We offer an extensive range of wire harnessing tapes made of PET-fleece, woven, non-woven and film backings combined with high-quality adhesives. They fulfil the international OEM specifications for productive-parts materials.

Our innovative tesa Sleeve® tape solutions offer excellent flexibility for wires so that harnesses can be applied to the car body quickly and easily. They also offer weight savings and reduce harness diameters, and are available with customised perforations also.

Areas of Application

  • Car interior: Protection against noise, vibration and environmental conditions
  • Engine compartment: Protection against abrasion as well as extreme temperatures and environmental conditions