More sustainability.
One roll at a time.

More sustainability. One roll at a time.

Adhesive tapes might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to greater sustainability. But why wouldn’t you choose a more sustainable adhesive tape if you had the choice?

Our comprehensive range of more sustainable packaging tapes combines support for your sustainability targets with the strength of our assured high-performance reliability.

Let’s take the step towards a more sustainable future together. It makes sense.


Why go for more sustainable packaging tapes?

Just as strong

Our sustainable carton sealing tapes do the job. Extensively tested, they ensure your packaging is closed and secure. Just as you would expect.

More sustainable

It may seem a small thing, but tape can be the first step on your journey to more sustainability. By sourcing continuously raw materials more responsibly and using bio-based or recycled content, producing solvent-free adhesives, and improving the end-of-life of our more sustainable options, we can help you create more sustainable packaging.

Wide range for all your needs

Do you want paper or filmic tape? Need a printable version? Are you handling heavy goods? Whatever your packaging design needs, we have a more sustainable solution.

Our reliable packaging tape assortment for a more sustainable future

5 paper-based tapes

From 10 kg to 30 kg, they close and hold the packaging the way you want

2 innovative backbones

PCR PET and PLA form new more sustainable components in filmic tapes

92 %

bio-based carbon content in tesa® 60408 certified by DIN CERTCO

70 %

PCR PET in the backing of tesa® 60412


Webinar with Industry Experts

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Join industry leaders from tesaRS GroupDecathlonaPak and Packaging Europe for a discussion on implementing more sustainable packaging. This free webinar will focus on innovative strategies, product development, sourcing and everyday business applications.

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Re-thinking packaging design and prodution?

Design tapes for corrugated board production: our self-adhesive specialty tapes: tear tapes, package closing tapes and packaging reinforcement tapes offer improved design flexibility and production efficiency

Frequently asked questions and answers

What does FSC mean?

The Forest Stewardship Council® is an international nongovernmental organization that promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests. FSC® as well as Forest Stewardship Council® are registered trademarks. An organization may apply an FSC® label on FSC-certified products. The type of FSC label shall always correspond to the FSC claim made on sales documents. Only FSC products that are eligible for FSC labelling may be promoted with the FSC trademarks. 
Types of FSC on-product labels: FSC 100%, FSC Mix and FSC recycled.

What does PLA mean?

Polylactic acid (PLA) is derived from plant-based corn starch, so it is a bio-based material, and has been used in the production of tesa® 60400 Bio & Strong since 2021. The bioplastic can be used as a film backing, while the adhesive is based on biological raw materials such as natural rubber and tree resin.

What does INGEDE Method 12 mean?

INGEDE Method 12 is a test method of the International Association of the Deinking Industry for the recyclability of printed products and - to our knowledge - the only standard available to determine the recycling behavior of PSAs (e.g. labels and stickers). The main goal of INGEDE activities/methods is to safeguard and improve paper/cardboard recyclability.
The INGEDE Method 12 provides an assessment about the removability of adhesive applications during the paper recycling process​. During the paper recycling process, adhesive applications disintegrate during pulping to stickies (also known as adhesive residues)​. The more adhesive residues are collected, the better for the paper recycling process. This method provides a removability score between -20 and 100 points depending on how good the adhesive residues can be removed.

What does DIN CERTCO mean?

DIN CERTCO is the certification body of TÜV Rheinland Group and is the certification body for the issuance of the DIN-Marks and further certification marks.

Source: DIN CERTCO Website

What does bio-based mean?

Bio-based plastics are plastics partly produced from biomass. The raw materials are usually provided by plants rich in starch and cellulose such as wood, corn, wheat, sugar cane, vegetable oil, algae or biological waste from households, animal husbandry and food production. Bio-based materials can be procured continuously. This means that use and consumption cannot exceed nature’s ability to reproduce these types of materials. The term "renewable" is slightly different to "bio-based": The term renewable refers to resources of energy, food and stock that are available continuously as nature is able to reproduce them. The term renewable is contrasted with those resources that are based on fossils fuel and thus only possess limited stocks.

Are tesa® more sustainable packaging tapes recycable?

Let us describe what we mean by the term "recycable": A characteristic of a product, package or associated component that can be removed from the waste stream through available processes and programs and collected, processed and reused in the form of raw materials or products. Only pre-consumer and post-consumer materials are considered recycled content.
Our more sustainable packaging tapes are recycling-friendly, not yet fully recycable. Recycling-friendly means they can be disposed with the cardboard and led into the recycling stream for paper, but within that our adhesives are not endangering the recycling process as they are pulled out of the recycling stream.

Are the tesa® more sustainable packaging tapes compostable?

Compostability describes the characteristic of a product, packaging or associated component that allows it to biodegrade, generating a relatively homogeneous and stable humus-like substance. Our more sustainable packaging tapes are not considered compostable.

Are the tesa® more sustainable packaging tapes degradable?

Let us describe what we understand by the term "degradable": Biodegradable plastics are plastics that decompose under certain conditions, leaving nothing but CO₂ and water behind when they break down. Both are defined in standards. Bio-based plastics can be biodegradable, but often are not. Conversely, biodegradable plastics are not necessarily also bio-based. Our more sustainable packaging tapes are not considered biodegradable.