Double-Sided Tape

Double-Sided Tapes

Due to their high and long-lasting adhesive strength, double-sided adhesive tapes allow objects to be quickly and easily fixed to a wide range of different surfaces.

Industrial Double Sided AdhesiveTapes

tesa double sided tapes are used for fixing and bonding in many manufacturing industries. These include automotive for trim, treadplate, badge and emblem mounting; double sided splicing tapes are also used in paper, newsprint and corrugated board production. With double sided adhesive tapes there are no weak spots as with screws and rivets as stresses are evenly distributed across the bonded area and need no health and safety considerations as with welding. Double sided tapes are simple to use and can also be presented in specific die-cut shapes to aid more precise application.

High performance double sided tapes with acrylic adhesives are suitable for outdoor applications and offer very good resistance to UV light, water and ageing.

A fundamental element of many industrial operations is the joining of parts and materials, and for this there is an alternative approach which eliminates vibration. Modern adhesive tape technology avoids the need to drill, to rivet or where structures are joined by welding – to grind and sand. It also offers numerous economic, practical and performance advantages.

tesa’s ACXplus family which consists of a high performance acrylic adhesive with optimum viscoelastic properties offers an excellent bond, even on low surface energy substrates, stress dissipation and outstanding temperature and weather resistance.

So whether to apply decorative trim and mirrors to smooth surfaces, fix electronic components, mount signs or lay carpeting, permanent double sided adhesive tape from tesa is always the right choice. Below are just some of the double sided tapes in tesa’s extensive assortment.