Adhesive Tape Solutions for Office Partitions

Sophisticated Precision – Adhesive Tape Solutions for Office Partitions

Clean, fast and optimal aesthetic design for partition walls – the innovative bonding solution.

Today’s modern office construction design utilises a variety of transparent materials, giving crisp and clean finishes. This is especially true with the glass partition wall industry where manufacturers are tasked with producing aesthetically pleasing yet functional wall units. Recognising this need, we have developed an innovative product family: tesa® ACXplus. This new category of double-sided adhesive tapes consists of a high-performance acrylic adhesive system that can outperform most conventional fastening methods like silicone or liquid glue.

For each application within the partition wall industry, we offer you the right solution: If high transparency is required, we recommend our ultra-transparent tesa® ACXplus 705x family which creates an invisible bond on many different substrates, such as glass, polycarbonate, aluminium and more. This product is conceived especially for slim designs where glass-to-glass applications come into play. We also offer a black tape for sleek, sophisticated bonding. We invite you to learn more about our assortment and the variety of solutions.

How is office productivity affected by glass?

Office Glass

If you can hear someone talking while you’re reading or writing, your productivity dips by up to 66%.

Neil Walker, Key Account Manager, tesa UK, considers how tape can be used to support modern office environments

For some time, open plan workspaces have been considered as ideal environments for team integration and injecting offices with vibrancy. But recent trends suggest companies are seeing better productivity when this is scaled back. The trade-off appears to be between an open and collaborative culture vs enhanced distraction and a perceived lack of privacy.

The shift away from the open-plan office in future refurbishments has been championed by some industry leaders for years, including Julian Treasure, author of Sound Business. He previously shared acoustic research during a TED talk that indicated employees are “66% less productive” if working in an open-plan environment. 

A touch of glass

It should not be surprising therefore that the popularity of glass partitions is on the rise. Glass solutions, such as frosted walls and doors, are not a new concept but are being used more and more to strike the balance between a modern, light and open office whilst still providing separation and acoustic boundaries when required. Furthermore, those conscious of the environment have identified glass as a contributor to reducing energy bills by increasing natural light and restricting artificial lighting. The design world also regularly signifies the positive impact this has on employee wellbeing and productivity.

An industrial look with chunky frames is a popular style currently, but offices can be creative with frameless, faceted or even curved panels where suitable. Flexibility may not be the first word that normally springs to mind when glass is mentioned, but with the right tools it is possible to create anything from an individual room to an entire partitioned floor

But, why tape? 

Compared to a conventional process with primer, tapes can ensure a highly secure bond whilst enabling higher application speed. Some tapes even have unique viscoelasticity, which will absorb any frictions and stresses in construction. Companies that embrace this innovative approach can expect a cleaner and easier process that allows the combination of materials in the production process, improved aesthetics due to the invisible bond, reduced risk of corrosion and in some cases the added benefit of a water seal being formed.

It is important when design trends emerge that high-quality solutions are found to ensure environments look their best but also remain practical. Tapes are now used for Banded Glazing and Glass to Glass Applications offering an inert and clean assembly of Interior Systems. There will be all types of tools that emerge in the next chapter of future-proofing office environments, and tape looks increasingly set to be one of them.  

Glass to Glass

Glass to glass bonding

Glass-to-Glass bonding with invisible, life-long bonds

Highly transparent and seamless joints is a must when bonding glass-to-glass office partition walls. Our ultra-transparent adhesive solutions ensure a life-long, invisible bond that is resistant against discolouration, UV, temperature, humidity and chemicals.

Benefits of using tesa ACXplus tapes in glass-to-glass partionining are:

  • Immediate bonding on glass
  • Excellent resistance against UV, temperature, humidity and chemicals
  • Invisible joints
  • Compensation of uneven surface (glass)
  • Complete seal, which mitigates noise and odour transfer

Glass in Frame

Glass to aluminium frame bonding

Glass to aluminium frame bonding

Glass is bonded onto an aluminium frame for fast and easy construction and an optimal appearance of the partition wall.

Application requirements:

  • Immediate bonding on glass, laminated wood and aluminium
  • Excellent resistance against UV, temperature, humidity and chemicals
  • Stable bond to keep glass panel in place



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