Added value for sun and insect protection products

We offer various adhesive tape solutions for manufacturers of insect protection and interior sun protection products.

Our adhesive tapes optimize design, improve production processes and enable exceptionally user-friendly products that greatly simplify installation. Discover our adhesive tape solutions for roller blinds, insect screens, track boxes, and the associated attachments.

Simple, user-friendly and effective in production- adhesive tape solutions for insect and sun protection.

The use of our adhesive tapes provides manufacturers and suppliers of insect protection and sun protection products with numerous advantages. High-quality bonding replaces complex mechanical connections using tube/pipe, clamp or screw connections. In addition to optimizing production processes, our adhesive tapes enable sun and insect protection products whose simplified construction creates real added value in terms of cost-effectiveness.

Our adhesive tapes turn good sun and insect protection products into exceptionally user-friendly products. tesa® adhesive tapes simplify installation and have a decisive impact on the product experience. The design and aesthetics of the joint are enhanced with adhesive tape. Adhesive tape joints compensate for vibrations and environmental influences, ensuring permanently stable constructions. Dismantling is possible with adhesive tape joints without permanent damage.


Bonding of sun protection profiles and fastening elements

Bonding of sun protection profiles and fastening elements

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Adhesive tape solutions for bonding flexible materials such as fabrics in sun protection products

Bonding roller blind fabrics to the shaft or supporting bonding of the pipe simplifies the design and optimizes the manufacturing effort.

More about the bonding of flexible materials

Adhesive tape solutions for bonding flexible materials such as fabrics in sun protection products

tesa® adhesive tape solutions are an optimal alternative to mechanical connections. The secure bonding of components significantly simplifies design, the production process, and assembly.

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Adhesive tape for sun and insect protection products

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of adhesive tapes for industry, crafts and end users, we know exactly what is required for professional bonding of various materials. Our product portfolio includes more than 7,000 adhesive tapes and adhesive system solutions. This enables us to provide professional bonding for numerous applications, such as the manufacture of sun protection and insect screen products. Almost 5,000 employees work every day to improve our adhesive solutions and provide our customers with the best possible support for their applications. This includes constantly developing and optimizing our products. Our goal is always to enable our customers to integrate adhesive tape even more effectively and efficiently into their workflows. In addition, when developing new bonding solutions, we take into account current economic and technical aspects, identify new market potential and discuss environmental issues. One of our main goals, for example, is to eliminate solvents or significantly reduce them in our production processes.

We are a strong partner for the industry. Our many years of experience and the continuous further development of our products enable us to support industry with innovative, reliable and professional solutions. When using adhesive tape in industry, the greatest possible design freedom, fast processes and durable bonding play an important role. This also applies to the design of insect protection and sun protection products. Other factors are enormously important, especially in the manufacture of insect protection and sun protection products:

  • Economical production processes and competitive products
  • Application-friendly assembly
  • Durability and safety of bonding
  • No damage to the material used
  • An aesthetic design


Our tesa® tapes are designed precisely for these requirements. Whether it's metal frames of insect screens, plastic components, or flexible suns protection roller blinds, for example - we have the right adhesive tape for a wide variety of insect protection and sun protection products. We know that bonding solutions play an enormously important role in the development of insect protection and sun protection products and have a strong influence on the quality and efficiency of production. Therefore, our adhesive solutions are also in a continuous development process. Double-sided adhesive tape has become a proven component of insect protection and sun protection products. In particular, it offers advantages in terms of user-friendliness and the cost-effectiveness of product design and the production process. Thanks to our close cooperation with customers, testing institutes and associations, we are able to offer customer-oriented and customized solutions for manufacturers and suppliers of insect protection and sun protection products.

Hardly any application is the same as another - this also applies to the development of sun protection and insect protection products. That's why individual requirements often have to be taken into account when using adhesive tape. That's what our tesa® Customer Solution Center is for. Our team of experts will help you select the right adhesive tape and work with you to develop specific solutions for your production process. Our service goes far beyond product recommendation and development. We support you in the following areas:

  • Certification:
    In more and more industries, industrial processes, components and assemblies as well as adhesive bonds must be certified. We offer numerous already certified adhesive tapes or support you in the certification of an individual system solution
  • On-site support:
    The production environment provides important information regarding the specific conditions and challenges on site. We take these into account and support you even after implementation in your process
  • Training:
    We offer various workshops where our engineers explain the properties of different tapes and give tips for the ideal selection of a tape
  • Process optimization:

Correct application of an adhesive tape is critical for reliable bonding. Factors such as position, pressure and temperature can have a huge impact on the longevity of the bond. Therefore, we support you with suitable tools that enable a smooth application of the tape.