tesa® Splicing Tapes for Paper Printing

Splicing Tapes for Paper Printing

tesa EasySplice® solutions for the printing industry have developed even further.

Maximum Efficiency

For over a decade, tesa EasySplice® has proven effective for flying splice in the printing and paper industry. Our newest generation of splicing tapes offers an even better performance due to its improved contact adhesive, combined with the most reliable product design and a tailored assortment for all paper grades and reel stands.

Improved contact adhesive:

  • Our newly designed “all-weather” adhesive remains largely unaffected by temperature and humidityvariations in the environment. It always performs at the same high level, whether in very cold or very hot and humid conditions.
  • It offers 30 percent more tack than the market standard, creating the most reliable contact between the new and expiring web during splicing.
  • Due to its increased wetting, the new adhesive bonds perfectly, even on critical papers.
  • The new tesa EasySplice® family offers an 18-month shelf life (50 percent longer durability compared to the market standard) without loss of performance.

INGEDE Certification for Paper Recycling



tesa EasySplice® is certified for the de-inking process by the International Association of the Deinking Industry (INGEDE).
The goal of this organisation is to ensure that even more paper is recycled and it shares our view that recyclability is more important than repulpability as it contributes to an orderly recycling chain.

tesa EasySplice® for Paper Printing

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