Market Segment: Label Printing

Label Printing

Optimising label printing processes with state-of-the-art plate mounting tapes and complementary solutions for process efficiency.

Giving you the choice

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The perfect no-label-look is achieved with a flexo printed clear on clear label stock - mostly with a thin high clarity label face with a clear adhesive carried on a PET film liner.

Plate mounting tapes for label printing have a critical influence on your process efficiency and print quality. tesa Softprint® assortment is supported by our smart tape production process - leaving all foam cells within the tape backing and intact for better cushioning, resilience and better prints over time. 

The correct foam hardness from our tesa Softprint® assortment will produce exeptionally high print quality and production efficiencies by increasing your printing speed and overcoming print defects like banding, increased dot gain and "pin holing".

tesa Softprint® 380µm/ 15mil Category


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