Hole covering

We offer a variety of sealing solutions for excellent corrosion protection.

The typical vehicle contains up to 220 holes in all shapes and sizes which have been used for paint drainage, access holes and also to hold the chassis in place on the production line, if left uncovered these holes can cause unwanted noise and are open for environmental corrosion. Traditionally rubber or plastic bungs have been used to plug these holes, which are expensive, heavy and difficult to apply. With our OEM partners, we have developed a quick, easy and lightweight hole covering alternative.

tesa hole covering solutions offer a perfect permanent sealing alternative to corrosion prevention for the lifetime of the vehicle. One adhesive disc can fit many different sized holes, and can also accommodate the 3D geometrics associated with a vehicles chassis, which traditional plugs struggle to do.

Our tailor made hole covering solutions can be produced to fit an automated or a manual process further maximising your production efficiency