Transfer & Scrim Tapes

Selected transfer and scrim tapes for Converters, handpicked from our broader assortment.

transfer tape

tesa® transfer tape lamination

Transfer tapes differ from other double-sided tapes in that they have no backingScrim tapes are similar in structure, with the only difference being that the adhesive mass is reinforced by a scrim.

They are transparent and extremely conformable but do not allow repositioning. Being thin but strong products, they also ensure an efficient converting and laminating process.

Used in a variety of lamination, splicing, and lightweight mounting applications, they are particularly suitable when extreme thinness and/or adhesion to flexible substrates is requested. Solvent-free production results in an environmentally friendly application process, with low VOC features. 

Welcoming three new products in our assortment!


NEW TEAM 4965 member: tesa® 75505 transfer tapes

tesa® 75505 transfer tape serves you with an extraordinary low thickness of 50 µm!

NEW TEAM 4965 member: Extra thick tesa® 75515 transfer tape

With 125 µm thickness tesa® 75515 transfer tape is our thickest newcomer.

Updated: tesa® 75507 now with two additional liner versions

tesa® 75507 transfer tape now is also available with a branded and transparent liner!

Converter picks

Application examples


Signage and POS mounting

Retail, facility management, general applications
Foam lamination with tesa®75507 75µm Transfer Tape

Foam lamination

Foam producers and laminators

Leather mounting & lamination

Fashion, accessories, textiles
Membrane switches are mounted to a washing machine by using an adhesive tape

Membrane switch mounting

Appliance, electronics, automotive, transportation
Reel is ready to splice.

Splicing of paper and flexible, lightweight materials

Paper production and converting
Fabric and textile mounting with tesa®75507 75µm Transfer Tape

Fabric and textile mounting

Building and textiles