Melamine splicing: remove liner

Splicing Tapes for Melamine Impregnated Papers

Elevating efficiency during paper processing for melamine faced board production

Benefit from market leading expertise


As world market leader for many splicing applications and with over 125 years of experience in coating technology and the production of self-adhesive system solutions, we have developed an in-depth understanding of our customers’ processes and requirements. This allows us to offer high-level technical support and the ability to always choose or newly develop the right product for each individual application. 
Melamine faced board layers

Melamine faced board layers


Decorative melamine faced boards are used in the furniture and flooring industry. They are made up of wood based panels covered by layers of paper material.

In case of laminate flooring this would typically be an overlay/wear layer, a decorative layer, and a balance paper layer. Depending on the layer and application, these papers are printed and impregnated with melamine resin.
While being processed through the impregnation line, papers - and applied splicing tapes - need to resist moisture and temperature.

Today, the demands that face splicing solutions are more challenging than ever: Different paper qualities, higher speeds, and the focus to increase output call for a new splicing tape generation.

Please watch our video for a full benefit overview of our splicing tape tesa® 54951.


With our specially developed splicing tapes, we are able to tick all the boxes for maximized process efficiency:

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One fits all

One tape for different paper qualities
tesa icon secured

Highest splice security

Ensuring stable production and minimizing waste
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Time savings

Due to easy and fast job preparation

Product overview

tesa® 54951 tesa® 51951 tesa® 54242 
For easy and fast application:
applied in one straight line,
integrated segmented design
For manual tape application:
applied in several individual
stripes of tape
Split labels

tesa® 54951 technical details

Adhesive Liner Thickness [µm / mil] Color Temperature resistance Tack Shelf life Transport and storage
Repulpable acrylic Paper 105 / 4 Blue 220 °C / 430 °F High 12 months In original packaging
at 15-30 °C (59-86 °F),
40-75% RH

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