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The new light-curing structural bonding tape: tesa® L-tape

tesa® L-tape empowers you to overcome the limitations of current adhesive technologies. The unique combination of structural bonding strength and PSA-like handling, enabled by the innovative light-curing feature at room temperature, delivers outstanding performances.

Design limitations
Liquid joining techniques create processing challenges, such as oozing out of bond lines and uneven coverage after curing.
Complex and time consuming process
Liquid adhesives require clamping and fixation measures until the adhesive has finally developed sufficient stiffness. Turning relatively simple bonding tasks into complex and time-consuming processes.
Lack of reliability
For some applications PSAs may not be the right solution as they have limited bonding power and may not withstand harsher environments.
Our solution

Innovation made for you: tesa® L-tape

tesa® L-tape combines the advantages of simple and convenient processability of a PSA tape – such as preparation of adhesive geometries down to the smallest dimensions, tackiness at ambient conditions, and high thermal stability – with the advantages of increased bonding performance known from structural bonding tapes or liquid adhesives.

This is achieved by a newly developed formulation which issufficiently soft in the inactivated form so that it is tacky and allows easy processing in combination with an intermediate backing layer, as is the case in PSA tapes.


Product design of tesa® L-tape

Your benefits

Your benefits

More freedom of design
Don't worry any longer about high oozing rates, bonding width limitation or the usage of heat-sensitive substrates
Easy to use
Simplify processes by high initial tack, immediate bonding strength and light-activation
Highly efficient
Speed up with short cycle times within seconds
Structural bonding performance
Rely on high bonding strength, impact resistance and outstanding reliability
Safe to process
No evaporating solvent and no heat needed during application