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Here you will find our annual reports as well as current information on the business development of tesa SE.

tesa looks back on an exciting, challenging, and above all successful 2021 fiscal year  

In the reporting year 2021, the tesa Group achieved a sales margin close to 1.5 billion euros for the first time: Sales increased in all our regions and business units. Last year, tesa (4,827 employees, 61 affiliates) generated nominal sales of 1,498.8 million euros. This corresponds to growth of around 173 million euros (+13.1 percent) compared to the previous year. Operating result (EBIT, excluding special factors) rose to 252.7 million euros (+24.0 percent) compared to 2020 (203.8 million euros). EBIT margin without one-time effects was 16.9 percent (previous year: 15.4 percent). 

Business development was highly satisfactory in all divisions in the 2021 fiscal year, although this year was also marked by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Sales in the Direct Industries business segment, for example, recovered significantly and achieved double-digit growth in 2021. In the Consumer Electronics segment, tesa was able to once again increase sales, especially in the Greater China region, where it positioned itself as an important provider of innovative products and solutions for the manufacture of smartphones and tablets. 

Significant growth in the consumer electronics, electromobility, packaging, and consumer & craftsmen segments 

Significant growth was achieved with innovative applications in the areas of electromobility and with bonding elements for the digitization of automobiles. There is a great deal of future potential in this area. In the printing and paper segment, tesa further expanded sales in the flexo printing segment in particular as it continued to benefit from a global increase in the packaging industry market. 

Following the very successful previous year, the Consumer & Craftsmen segment in Europe and Latin America grew once again. The end customer and craftsmen business is not just an important traditional business in Europe with a sales proportion of 57%. Though the building supply store sales channel was down in a number of countries due to partial lockdowns, this was compensated for by continued strong growth in digital sales channels and strong development in innovative products for professional craftsmen. 

tesa Business Development 2021

2020 in Mio € 2021 in Mio € Change in percent Adjusted for structural and exchange rate effects in percent 
Sales1,325.5 1,498.8 13.1 13.6
Operating result (EBIT) withouth special factors 203,8252,724.0
EBIT marging without special factors 15.4 %16.9 %
Sales by business unit 
Direct Industries 770,6 894,216.016.6
Trade Markets 549,7 597,18.69.1
Sales by region 
Europe 715,4 766,17.18.3
Americas 194,4225,315.918.9
Africa/Asia/ Australia 415,7507,422.120.1