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Here you will find our annual reports as well as current information on the business development of tesa SE.

tesa 2022 remains on track for success with good growth

Following an already successful fiscal year 2021, tesa continued to grow in 2022 despite the difficult global market environment. With a sales revenue of € 1,667.8 million (previous year: € 1,498.8 million), the company achieved the highest sales in its history. This corresponds to an organic sales growth of 8.8%. The EBIT margin excluding special factors was 16.7% (previous year: 16.9%). EBIT excluding special factors increased to a total of € 278 million in 2022 (previous year: 253 million euros). 

This means that tesa achieved its goals despite the challenging environment. All business segments contributed equally to this positive result. Sales in the tesa Industry division increased considerably by 10.0%. Alongside successful project business in consumer electronics and the recovery in the automotive markets, price increases contributed significantly to this development and largely cushioned the substantial cost increases for energy, raw materials and logistics. The tesa Consumer division grew organically by 5.1% in a declining market due to innovative products and price increases. 

Innovation and sustainability as key drivers 

The focus of tesa's product developments in 2022 was on new products for e-mobility and displays or touchscreens, as well as new, more sustainable packaging tapes for industrial customers and end consumers. 

"Innovation and sustainability were the key drivers of tesa’s development in 2022," said CEO Dr. Norman Goldberg, commenting on the business development. In 2022, tesa continued to invest in innovation, sustainability, and digital to prepare the business for future growth. "We disproportionately increased research and development spending to 6% in 2022."  

tesa Business Development 2022

2021 in Mio € 2022 in Mio € Change in percent Adjusted for structural and exchange rate effects in percent 
Sales1,498.8 1.667,8 11.38.8
Operating result (EBIT) withouth special factors 252,7278,510.2
EBIT marging without special factors 16.9 %16.7 %
Sales by business unit 
Industry 1.145,11.297,113.310.0
Sales by region 
Europe 766,1795,83.97.6
Americas 225,3284,726.413.7
Africa/Asia/ Australia 507,4587,315.78.4