Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Here you will find our annual reports as well as current information on the business development of tesa SE.

Business Development 2017: tesa SE posts double-digit growth

Overall Development 2017
Corporate Turnover
tesa SE posted a significant positive development in 2017. Sales rose 10.6% in organic terms (nominal figure: 9.8%), to € 1,257.8 billion. (previous year: € 1,145.8 billion).


Corporate Profitability
The operating result (EBIT) reached €207.50 million, resulting in an EBIT margin of 16.5 % (previous year: 16.2 %).


Global development
Both the direct business and the retail trade in all regions contributed to the company’s growth. Particularly striking growth was noted in Asia, where the project business with the electronics industry provided strong momentum. The development of the business in the U.S. was highly positive again, most especially in terms of sales of adhesive tapes for the automotive sector.

Current Business Development

Past Business Development