Anti-slip adhesive tape
for industry

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Key features of our industrial anti-slip tapes

High bonding performance and reliability
Our tapes can be used in a wide a variety of industrial settings, even in extreme conditions.
Different textured surfaces
Suitable for general and heavy-duty use.
Slip resistant in line with DIN 51130
It can be applied to most surfaces.
Durable and robust
Designed to withstand heavy foot traffic. Good resistance to temperature, abrasion, chemicals.
Suitable for use in harsh environments
Water-resistant/waterproof (including salt water) according to specification; resistant to weathering.
icon-quick bonding
Easy to use
It is quick and simple to install. Many tapes can be torn manually, and some are also suitable for die cutting.
Low maintenance
Due to their robust design, anti-slip are very cost efficient once in place.
Our anti-slip can be easily removed, if needed.
tesa® 60955 Conformable Application: Tread Plates
For ladders
Anti-slip solutions
For tread plates
For floors
Anti-slip surface for roofs
For roofs
For wind turbines

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At tesa, our anti-slip adhesive tapes for industry are effective solutions for reducing the likelihood of skids, slips and falls. Talk to our experts about the right anti-slip tape to enhance safety in your workplace. Contact us using the button below.

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Are anti-slip tapes the same as grip tapes?

The terms anti-slip tape and grip tape are sometimes used interchangeably when it comes to industrial adhesive tapes, but they are, in fact, different.

Anti-slip tape improves safety by giving a more secure grip underfoot for people and equipment to avoid slips, skids, and accidents. It is most commonly used on floors, stairs, and access areas.

Grip tape is used on machinery such as rollers during the production process. It improves the traction of materials such as films, paper, and textiles as they move through manufacture. Better control over these materials results in higher quality outputs and less waste.