Our attitude and our agenda

Action areas and targets

We create sustainable adhesive solutions that improve the work, products and lives of our customers.

Sustainability figures 2023

reduction of scope 1 and scope 2 emissions
vs. 2018
reduction of airfreight
compared to 2022
end walls collected and reused
until end of 2023
new product launches
with sustainable contribution
of our spend went to suppliers that are aligned with our sustainability standards
in 2023
of our product or packaging material are recycled or biobased
in 2023
CO₂ ​saving at tesa site Sparta due to switch to solvent free manufacturing processes

We have always taken our social and environmental responsibility very seriously. Sustainability has been one of the key strategic targets at tesa for a number of years.

Taking on more responsibility for the world around us is becoming increasingly important – for us as a company, for our employees and for our business partners and customers. That is why we aim to make sustainability a priority at tesa and get to work with this crucial transformation of our business significantly faster and more urgently than previously envisaged.  

For us as a company in the chemical industry, pursuing a holistic and scientific approach determines our actions and is a matter of course. tesa employs more than six hundred scientists, engineers and product developers around the globe who are working on innovative products and processes. However, in many areas progress can only be achieved in close partnerships with suppliers and customers. Accordingly, collaborations and partnerships in sustainability form an indispensable pillar in the new tesa strategy.

We want to tackle this complex issue head-on with all our strength. A challenge we look forward to taking on.

Guiding principles


We take a science-based and whole-systems perspective on sustainability.


We achieve sustainable growth by focusing on innovation.


We drive our transformation to sustainability with transparency, consistency and accountability.

Sustainability agenda

As a company, we are embedded in society and the environment. There is no healthy economy without a healthy society - no healthy society without a healthy environment.

We therefore take responsibility along our entire value chain and consider the entire life cycle to reduce our footprint.

Based on this understanding, we have derived our sustainability agenda, which reflects our holistic view.

The agenda creates clarity and steers our efforts and investments in the most meaningful directions.