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Affixing and hanging up objects has never been this easy. With tesa® Smart Mounting System, we present you with a stress-free way to decorate your living space. In order to securely mount objects, you don’t need to have any expert knowledge or talent. You can save time, avoid damage, and leave your tools on the rack. Drills and hammers are yesterday’s news. And if you want to redecorate, that’s no problem at all because our innovative adhesive solutions keep you flexible. Discover the diverse options offered by our 48 new products!


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Klebehaken transparent, 2 x 1?kg

  • Ups1
  • Ups2
  • Ups3



Klebehaken transparent, 2 x 1?kg

  • Ups1
  • Ups2
  • Ups3



Klebehaken transparent, 2 x 1?kg

  • Ups1
  • Ups2
  • Ups3



Klebehaken transparent, 2 x 1?kg

  • Ups1
  • Ups2
  • Ups3



A Mounting System for the Way We Live Now

Find out more about our consumer mounting and hanging products

The way we live is changing. More of us aspire to “live lightly,” using only what we need, when we need it: An on-demand life. We move more often and want less stuff. But we still need stability, something to rely on. Our homes are more important to us than ever. Traditional wall-mounting methods no longer suit the way we live. We don’t want to have to use tools. We’d like to wall mount when and where we choose.

You can now conveniently wall mount almost anything, on any surface, with the new tesa® Smart Mounting System. Innovative products that make mounting totally hassle-free. The range includes products developed for mounting on wallpaper and plaster, which are adjustable and removable. When it comes to mounting, we provide easy-to-use solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems. So, what will you wall mount today?

Discover the Smart Mounting System Range:

A Solution for Every Surface:


tesa® Adjustable Adhesive Nail for Wallpaper & Plaster 1kg

For textured and sensitive surfaces like wallpaper or plaster

For objects up to 1kg per nail or 2kg using 2 nails

Height adjustable for straight alignment


tesa® Adjustable Adhesive Screw for Tiles & Metal 3kg

For smooth and solid surfaces like tiles indoors

For objects up to 3kg per screw or 6kg using 2 screws

Height adjustable for straight alignment of objects


tesa® Adhesive Screw Round for Brick & Stone 5kg

For rough and solid surfaces like brick & stone

Holds up to 5kg per screw or 10kg using 2 screws

With design cover for visible applications

How to Use the Smart Mounting System

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