Structural adhesive tapes –
an alternative to traditional adhesives?

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Outstanding bonding performance
Temperature and humidity resistance
Impact resistance
Chemical resistance
Display mounting
Component mounting
Contact card
Permanent bonding of chip modules
Bonding of soft goods
FPC mounting
Bonding of friction material
Mounting in automotive powertrains
Heat-activated film
tesa® HAF is a thermosetting adhesive system that creates strong bonds. Heat and pressure initiate an irreversible cross-linking reaction starting at temperatures above 230 °F / 110 °C.
Low-temperature activated film
Our tesa® LTR and tesa® LTC low-temperature reactive films are designed to activate at moderate temperatures. Cross-linking starts at a bond-line temperature above 167 °F / 75 °C. tesa® LTT is a low-temperature thermoplastic film designed for soft goods assembly requiring low processing temperatures.
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Light-curing tapes
When exposed to light, tesa® UV epoxy and tesa® L-tapes cure at room temperature. Both products achieve significantly higher bonding strengths compared to PSAs. They offer high initial tack and immediate holding strength after bonding.

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If you are looking for a clean, easy, and safe way to bond different surfaces, structural adhesive tapes can provide the adhesive bond solution you need. They can simplify your production process and lower your costs. Contact us and discover how we can help you with your bonding challenges. 

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