Discover the one of a kind tesa® Power.Kit technology

Find out why the tesa® Power.Kit is the all-in-one solution for every wall-mount in your bathroom!

What the tesa® Power.Kit is made of:

Let’s take a detailed look at the tesa® Power.Kit. What kind of components are included? How do they work together to conveniently combine reliable hold and easy removal?


The adapter consists of a sinter-metal-plate (SMT) with 95% cooper, the rest being made of tin and wax. The SMT plate is permeable for air allowing shorter curing time. Furthermore the adhesive ring provides a border for the glue for easy pre-fixation. Finally the adapter comes with a massive zamac alloy ring to ensure easy application for the bathroom accessory.


the Power.Kit Glue is based on Silyl Modified Polymer. It requires a high amount of humidity for its chemical hardening process, which in turn means the surface in your bathroom are the best environment for it.



The adapter consists of a sinter-metal-plate (SMT) with 95% cooper, the rest being made of tin and wax. The SMT plate is permeable for air allowing shorter curing time. Furthermore the adhesive ring provides a border for the glue for easy pre-fixation. Finally the adapter comes with a massive zamac alloy ring to ensure easy application for the bathroom accessory.


the Power.Kit Glue is based on Silyl Modified Polymer. It requires a high amount of humidity for its chemical hardening process, which in turn means the surface in your bathroom are the best environment for it.


Mount your objects anywhere with the convenient tesa® Power.Kit technology. Your surfaces are going to stay flawless as the tesa® Power.Kit does not leave any marks or holes! Due to its clean application and removal processes, remodeling your rooms has never been easier.

Watch here how easily you can mount it in your bathroom

tesa Bath Power.Kit technology

tesa® Power.Kit technology

Recommended surfaces:

Your solid decoration ideas are going to hold on safely to any concrete surface.
Glass and Acrylic Glass
Keep all of your glass surfaces flawlessly intact by mounting your objects to them with our adhesive solution.
Wood and Parquet
There is no knocking required when using our adhesive products on wood.
Rough Natural Stone
The SMP-Glue likes to explore all nooks and crannies of these surfaces, holding on effortlessly with its strong grip.
Neither rough nor smooth stone surfaces provide a challenge for the tesa® Power.Kit.
Plastic Surfaces
Except on plastics based on polyethylene, polypropylene and PTFE, the tesa® Power.Kit technology can be applied to synthetic surfaces.
We highly recommend metal surfaces in combination with our adhesive solution – the results are impressive!
It’s a match! The tesa® Power.Kit keeps your ceramic tiles in one piece as it mounts your objects seamlessly to the wall.

Not recommended surfaces:

The adhesive will stick to your wallpaper until the bitter end. Unfortunately, it might separate from the wall during adhering.
Loose Plaster
The tesa® Power.Kit securely latches onto loose plaster. Our technology is stronger than the surface and might tear it off the wall.
The combination between the tesa® Power.Kit Glue and polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) will not form a stable compound and won´t hold.
Enamel Varnish
The varnish might not be stable enough to keep stuck on the wall once our glue is applied.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it possible to attach objects other than those enclosed using the tesa® Power.Kit technology?

It is of course possible to use the tesa® Power.Kit technology to attach all kinds of objects – therefore we offer the tesa® Adhesive Screw as part of our tesa® Smart Mounting System. It is based on the tesa® Power.Kit technology and gives you the opportunity to freely mount objects of your choice. (Please be aware of load capacities and special instructions.) However, the tesa bath accessory products which are tailored specifically to the tesa® Power.Kit adapters ensure that the adapters are well-hidden and well-integrated into the object. 

Does the surface need to be cleaned before application of the adhesive, and if so, how?

Before the tesa® Power.Kit technology is applied, it is essential to clean and prepare the surface beforehand. You should use a clean, soft cloth and a little water or pure alcohol (70% isopropyl alcohol solution) to remove any dust or dirt from the surface. If the tesa® bath accessory that you have purchased includes a cleaning tissue (e.g. baskets and shower holder), please use this tissue for the pre-treatment of the surface . After it, make sure that the surface is clean and dry.  

Do not use benzine or methylated spirits under any circumstances. Important: The isolating layer on hydrophobic tiles cannot be removed by chemical means. However, for the tesa® Power.Kit technology to work here, it is usually sufficient to allow the adhesive to dry for a much longer period of time (e.g. twice as long).

How is it possible that the tesa® Power.Kit technology is capable of withstanding such great loads but can still be easily removed?

Our adhesive system is indeed capable of withstanding great loads while it can also be removed easily. The reason for this is that the consistent elastic single-component adhesive is highly resistant to permanent tension and shear forces such as those applied during normal use – for instance a wet towel on a rail. However, the adhesive loses strength when subjected to rotary movements, which is what enables the Easy-Off removal function. After the removal of the adapter, the adhesive residues can easily be removed from smooth surfaces using a ceramic hob cleaner or glass scraper, while a little silicone remover and a coarse brush will be needed on rough surfaces.

My adapter has fallen off the wall. How has this happened?

Based on our experience, if the tesa® Power.Kit adapter fell off the wall, it would usually be due to one of the following five reasons: 

1. Insufficient drying time
If the adhesive isn’t given the 12 hours to dry as specified in the instructions (or 24 hours for certain products) and the object is mounted ahead of time, the adhesive will not be fully hardened. Moreover, for very rough surfaces it might take more time for the adhesive to dry. If subject to high loads, the adapter may ultimately fall off. 

2. Isolating layer on the surface 
It’s important to follow the cleaning instructions before starting the application. Therefore, you should not use conventional household cleaners that usually contain hydrophobic or fat-dissolving components. These components prevent a secure bonding.

3. Unsuitable underlying surface 
Although the tesa® Power.Kit technology is suitable for all common solid and stable surfaces, there are certain plastics that the technology will definitely not adhere to. Most notably, these include polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE). Loose plaster, wallpapers, painted surfaces and textile surfaces are generally not recommended due to their lack of stability. 

4. Cavities in the adhesive layer
After applying the adhesive into the adapter, please do not push the adapter again as this causes cavities and reduces the stability of the system. However, this does not improve the adhesion of the tesa® Power.Kit technology.

5. Incorrect application of the adhesive
A similar problem is caused by not fully filling the adhesive chamber with the glue. To avoid this, please follow the correct application steps: After cleaning the surface, peel off the protective film and position the adapter to your selected surface and spot. Open the tube with the included red tool and fill the adhesive into the larger hole of the adapter until it appears in the smaller, opposite hole. Do not push the adapter and grant the adhesive enough time to dry as indicated in the instructions

Is the adapter reusable?

No, the adapter can’t be reused. Even if you’re able to remove it without damaging it, it would be impossible to remove every trace of the hardened adhesive on the adapter and thus make it permeable to air again – and it’s the moisture in the air that reacts with the adhesive and makes it so strong. This is one reason why the adapter and adhesive are only available together as a tesa® Power.Kit adhesive set.

How long will the adhesive keep?

Each tube has an expiration date. The expiry date is embossed on the tube fold in the format DDMMYY. Once the tube has been opened, it has to be used as soon as possible for the entire application. The adhesive hardens quickly, when it comes into contact with air humidity. 

Is the adhesive free of formaldehyde?

Yes. Our single-component adhesive provides consistent adhesion performance without the inclusion of formaldehyde.

How do I dispose of the adhesive?

Small amounts of hardened or dried adhesive residues can be disposed of in the household waste. The same applies to the adapter when removed.

Is the adhesive toxic?

No, the adhesive isn’t toxic, although you should keep it away from your face. That being said, there is no reason to worry if the adhesive gets in touch with your skin – just wash it off with water and soap. If the adhesive comes into contact with the eyes, rinse them for several minutes (keeping the eyelid open) and consult a physician to be on the safe side. If it is ingested, you should seek medical advice immediately.

Can I buy the adhesive separately?

We do not distribute our tesa® Power.Kit adhesive separately. The glue is not made for household purposes. It has been developed for our tesa® Power.Kit technology. It’s the adapter that ultimately provides an adequate supply of air to ensure that the adhesive can dry within 12 hours (or 24 hours for certain products). However, should you be missing an adhesive tube, please feel free to contact your local dealer or send us a brief email with your postal address, the product type and the number of needed adhesive tubes, and we’ll send you a replacement adhesive quickly and free of charge. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. 

How do I know which tesa® Spare Part is the right one for my tesa® Bath Accessory?

There are various spare parts available for our tesa® Bath Accessories. If you want to know whether there is a spare part for your accessory or not, please find a detailed list of all our spare parts (e.g. toilet brushes, bottle for soap dispenser etc.) as a PDF file on our website.

Can the adhesive damage surfaces?

No. We are not aware of any stable material that the tesa® Power.Kit adhesive would attack due to its chemical properties. However, given the sheer number of conceivable surfaces, we can’t provide any guarantee that the adhesive can be fully removed without leaving residues in all cases. It is for this reason that users should conduct tests beforehand, especially with porous materials. To prevent the underlying surface from being damaged, special care should be taken when removing the solution or the adhesive from porous or soft surfaces. While a glass scraper is a useful tool for glass or smooth tiles, a plastic spatula is a better choice for sensitive surfaces such as wood or laminate. 

For which surfaces is the tesa® POWER.KIT technology suitable?

All solid or stable surfaces are suitable, whether of a smooth or rough nature. The tesa® Power.Kit technology is especially well-suited to premium materials such as (natural) stone, ceramic (tiles), glass, concrete, metal, even wood and many plastics, materials that you usually don’t want to damage by drilling through them. On the other hand, loose plaster, wallpapers, painted or coated surfaces, and textile surfaces are not recommended for such surface attachments due to their lack of stability. Adhesion is not possible with polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE). Please be aware that even though we strive to illustrate as many suitable surfaces or surface coatings as possible here, this list is not comprehensive, so it is the responsibility of the user to conduct tests on other surfaces beforehand.

Does the tesa® Power.Kit technology work on rough surfaces?

The roughness of the surface does not affect the adhesion of the tesa® Power.Kit adhesive as long as it is solid or stable. The surface does need to be flat, so that the adhesive doesn’t seep out under the adapter ring. In fact, if the surface is slightly rough, the adhesive will perform even better. If you choose to apply the adhesive to a rough surface, you should ensure that the unevenness does not exceed 4 mm and that an additional 12 hours drying time is allowed per mm of additional variance in the surface.