Easily Affix Objects with Our Hook and Loop Tapes

Hook and Loop Tapes

Hook and loop tapes are a smart alternative to conventional attachment methods. They can be effortlessly applied and provide for perfect adhesion. They can be removed again up to 10,000 times. Our range offers high-performance hook and loop tapes for mounting heavy objects as well as multi-use hook and loop tapes to mount objects of lighter weight. In addition we also offer powerful hook and loop solutions that allow you to comfortably stow away cables.


Hook and Loop Tape and tesa® Adhesive Technology – A Powerful Team

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For most hook and loop products in our range, it’s the combination of hook and loop with adhesive technology that provides the perfect grip. While the adhesive side is applied directly to the object or the wall, the hook and loop side provides a secure bond between object and surface. The good thing about this is that this bond can be opened and sealed uncounted times without losing any of the connective strength.


Hook and Loop Tapes and Pads as an Alternative to Drills and Hammers

Should you, for example, wish to attach your tools or a first aid kit to a wall, you don´t need any drills, wall anchors and screws. Just stick the claw-shaped hook side to the surface and the loop side to the object. Together with the superior tesa adhesive quality, this creates a comfortable solution for mounting, ensuring long-lasting attachment. Allow yourself to be surprised by the challenges in the home, office or garden for which hook and loop tapes are the smartest solution.