Keep your squeegee ready to use by mounting it to your bathroom wall.
Shower Squeegees

Shower Squeegees

Remind yourself to keep your bathroom clean by using our easy-to-mount shower squeegees. With your shower wiper in sight and beautifully mounted, cleaning your bathroom becomes second nature.

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tesa Draad Shower Wiper
tesa® Draad shower glass wiper, chromed metal & plastic parts, self-adhesive More Information
tesa Spaa Shower Wiper
tesa® Spaa shower screen wiper, chromed metal & plastic, self-adhesive More Information

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Reliable hold without drilling is possible – thanks to innovative tesa® Power.Kit technology, made and patented in Germany. The new adhesive by tesa® consists of waterproof glue, making it the perfect choice for mounting anything in wet environments like your bathroom. 

Create a comfortable space for yourself and freshen up your bathroom with tesa® bathroom hardware sets! 

There is no drilling required – forget the extra miles for screws and nails, and keep your tiles in one piece. Save extensive bathroom remodeling costs. The adhesive solution by tesa® guarantees reliable hold and an easy mounting and removal experience.

Discover an impressive range of bathroom accessory sets, browse inspiring bathroom design ideas and get an innovative adhesive mounting solution all from a single source! Explore our great selection of bathroom supplies, bathroom sets and toilet accessories, as well as our intelligent solutions for bathroom storage.

Enjoy unlimited bathroom accessories and mounting possibilities by tesa®

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