Installation Guide for tesa® Kitchen Assortment

This is why it's so cool!

Everything included: adhesive and mounting adapter are always included.
The boxes can be easily hung and swapped.
Long lasting and durable strong hold due to tesa high quality adhesive.
Easy to apply, removable without residue. No walls are damaged.
Selected and high quality materials provide great look and feel.

FAQ'S about our kitchen assortment:

Can I reuse the kitchen organization system?

Yes, you can quickly and easily dismantle your kitchen organizer and reattach it in your new home. All you need are new adhesive screws. 

Will the no-drill kitchen organizer hold my kitchen utensils?

Yes, the special adhesive screws and the adhesive solution are designed for a weight of up to 3 kg. This means that your kitchen organization system adheres firmly and reliably to the wall. Make sure to clean the surface thoroughly before mounting. Otherwise, grease and dirt can impair the adhesive strength.

Can I mount the tesa® kitchen organizer without drilling?

Yes, you can mount our kitchen railing and our adapters for an organized and structured kitchen completely without drilling. With our practical adhesive screws, you can simply stick on your kitchen organization system.

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