Drop Cloth

Drop Cloth

tesa Easy Cover® combines film or paper with a high-quality masking tape and thus saves you a lot of time. While the masking tape allows sharp color edges, the covering solution reliably protects the floor or furniture from dripping paint. Here, film and paper can be comfortably cut to the necessary size. The masking tape can be removed after application without any residue. With tesa Easy Cover®, you can cleanly tape and cover large areas in one step and thus provide the basis for impressive renovation results!


The Smart Combination for Better Paint Work

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The foundation for successful renovation is the right preparation. Before you start with the paint job, you should tape off the edges as accurately as possible and thoroughly cover all the areas you want to protect from paint splashes. Thanks to tesa Easy Cover®, you can take care of these tasks in one step and save a lot of time. The high-quality combination of paper or film tarpaulin and masking tape is suited in particular to protect baseboards, corner molding, sides of stairs, floors, and furniture. Masking tape allows you to precisely tape off the edges and create sharp paint edges.

Taping off Precisely and Covering Large Areas in Just One Step

The smart product combination of film or paper tarpaulin and masking tape can be attached quickly and solidly so that it won’t slip while you’re painting. Moreover, it can be removed without a trace. Make sure that the surface is dry, clean, and free of dust and grease to achieve optimal results. And another tip: Pull off the masking tape after use evenly and at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees.