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tesa® Drop Cloth Extra Strong

tesa® Drop Cloth Extra Strong is a professional quality tarpaulin for indoor and outdoor use and an ideal plastic cover to protect from dirt or paint.

  • Tear-resistant
  • Resistant to gloss solvents
  • Durable PE film

Order no:
Dimensions: 12m x 2000mm

Main features

  • Tear-resistant
  • Resistant to gloss solvents
  • Durable PE film
  • Practical perforations at 1m intervals

Product description

The universal tesa® Drop Cloth Extra Strong is an ideal tarpaulin for indoor and outdoor use. It can serve as a highly tear-resistant tonneau that is ideal to cover a large area for effective protection from paint, dirt or liquid spills. Made of highly durable PE film the 4 m x 5 m floor covering, it is perfect to use it as a professional-style plastic painters drop cloth for paint jobs or any type of renovation work inside and outside the house.
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Prevention is better than cure. Professional painters know this principle and will start any new paint job by using a large-size tarpaulin to carefully protect floor and furniture from potential damages caused by spilled paint. Many of them use the tesa® Drop Cloth Extra Strong and they have good reasons to do so.

Plastic tarpaulin for effective protection

The tesa® Drop Cloth Extra Strong is made of a special PE film that is highly durable and tear-resistant. This practical furniture and floor protection comes in form of a sheet sized 4 m by 5 m that makes it ideal to cover even large areas.

Effective dirt and paint protection

For reliable protection the tesa® Drop Cloth Extra Strong is a tough plastic film that does not tear easily and is resistant against all kinds of paints, gloss solvents and other fluids. This makes it an ideal tarpaulin for fast and professional paint jobs and other renovation work without having to worry about dirt or paint droplets ruining furniture or floor.

Indoor and outdoor drop cloth

While its most frequent usage is furniture and floor protection during wall painting and home renovation, the tesa® Drop Cloth Extra Strong is also ideal for outdoor use. You want to give the facade of your home a new look or refresh the impregnation of external wood? This painters drop cloth will protect your driveway and prevent any toxic materials from entering the ground.

Cover for multiple applications

The tesa® Drop Cloth Extra Strong is not only ideal for paint and dirt protection. It is also an ideal cover for household, hobby and garden. Use it to for your garden furniture, sports equipment, recreational vehicles or anything you want to protect from direct exposure to the weather.