Repairing Tapes

In any home, something always seems to be broken. Sometimes it’s a leaky pipe, sometimes a cable has to be re-insulated. Then it’s a good thing when you have a reliable repairing tape from tesa at hand. With that, you can help yourself in emergencies, giving yourself the time to decide if you want to hire an expert for a permanent repair or replace the broken object. Learn now about our high quality and sturdy repairing tapes!

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tesa® Ultra Power Extreme repair tape

For some tasks, an average repairing tape is simply not strong enough. Do not let small emergencies ruin your big adventures. tesa® Ultra Power Extreme Repairing Tape provides the needed extra strength. It is a versatile tape with extremely strong adhesion that can be used on many surfaces, smooth or rough. It is made for a variety of tasks such as patching holes, cracks, gaps, tears, and fixing broken parts. With its high UV- and temperature-resistance, it is suitable even for extreme weather.

tesa® Ultra Power clear repair tape

The tesa® Ultra Power Clear helps with invisible repairs and is a great support for all adventures.

It is particularly suitable when glass or plastic needs to be repaired inconspicuously. The most common applications include repairing holes and cracks.


tesa® Ultra Power underwater repair tape

The waterproof tesa® Ultra Power Under Water is the ideal companion for all adventurers.

The enormous adhesive strength provides a strong hold and enables reliable repairs, e.g. outdoors, on wet surfaces and even under water.

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If you have a home or an apartment, you will instantly confirm the saying, “Nothing lasts forever.” Once you’re done in one place, there’s another problem somewhere else. In order to be prepared for emergencies of all sorts, you should definitely have repairing tape at home. With it, you can limit damage and then calmly think about what the next steps are. In many cases, using a fabric tape already provides the solution; in others, repairing tapes are temporary solutions and ensure that the situation won’t get worse until an expert arrives.

Repairing Tapes Provide Effective Relief

An old book is in danger of falling apart. Water is dripping from the water pipe under the sink. The shower head is leaking. There’s a tear in the leather bike saddle. The car’s bumper is drooping after a minor accident. The coating of an electric cable is brittle: This is just a small selection of possible situations where a sturdy fabric tape from tesa is helpful. We recommend that you always have repairing tape in your closet! Only that way can you react immediately and prevent worse from happening. Learn now about all the advantages of our product range!