tesa Insect Stop for Windows

Protecting Windows

Aside from doors, windows are of course the most popular entryways for insects. An open window seems like an invitation for them to come inside. But with tesa® Insect Stop at your window, you clearly signal that insects are not welcome in your home. Which is quite understandable as mosquitoes and flies in particular are extraordinarily gifted in annoying people. Our insect protection will make your windows “insect-proof” in the summer months quickly, easily, and comfortably.


Effective Protection from Insects for Windows of All Sorts

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Summer brings many good things. Finally, you can leave the jacket on the wardrobe rack, have barbecue parties in the garden, or cool down in the wading pool. Unfortunately, the warm months are also the time when insects keep trying to get inside. They’ll use any opportunity they get, and particularly favor open windows. Once inside, they will bite or terrorize your sleep with nerve-wracking buzzing. In our range, you will find many products that will protect you from insects, which will help you secure windows and doors from the pests. Get more detailed information about tesa® Insect Stop and keep flies, mosquitoes, and the like where they belong – outside!