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Achieving greater sustainability together with our customers

Achieving a higher level of sustainability is an important goal for many of our customers - just as it is for us. We are taking this path together with them and supporting them with innovative adhesive solutions. In addition to our own product sustainability, we are working to ensure that our customers enjoy ecological benefits through the use of our products; for example, tesa® Bond & Detach makes smartphone components recyclable and can be removed easily without leaving any residue. The aim is to make these contributions more visible in the future.

Our long term strategic goal:
Significant positive impact

Major sustainability targets 2030


We will provide our customers with innovative adhesive technologies that contribute to the sustainability of their own processes and products.


We will ensure that the results of such cooperation with our customers are measurable.

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Stories about how we support customers

At tesa, we have made sustainability a priority and are working on this important transformation of our company. There is a lot of work to be done to make a company more sustainable, and we want to use our expertise and our passion to tackle all of it: How we operate, how products are made, how we choose suppliers and raw materials, and how we think and act all need to become more sustainable. To see what we are working on, take a look at our stories.