If the packaging keeps what it promises, it contains the most amazing gifts! Once you got the hang of it, the bags are created in no time, even in your desired size.

Gift Wrapping Ideas

With our crafts ideas, you’ll get prettier gift wrapping. That way you’ll ensure that not only the gift but also the packaging will serve as a true highlight. Decorate the wrapping with gold stars, colorful tas-sels or tiny snowflakes. Here, you’ll also find crafts ideas for gift bags. For every idea, we have writ-ten extensive instructions so nothing can really go wrong. Photos show every individual step up to the finished gift wrapping. For the implementation, you’ll only need a little time, crafts materials and the right tesa adhesive products. We wish you loads of fun with your crafts project!

Our Best Gift Wrapping Ideas:

It is More Blessed to Give Than to Receive...

That there’s truth to this bible verse, a Canadian social psychologist has determined through several studies. The subjects who didn’t give money or time to others were unhappier than those who shared both with others.

If you are among the second group, you surely know the nice feeling when friends and family are happy about their presents. And since first impressions matter for presents, too, you should put some effort into the packaging as well. With our gift wrapping ideas, you can bring additional joy to the recipients.


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With just a few steps and a little bit of skill, you can create a huge effect. Always remember: Little presents keep a friendship alive.

Lovingly Wrapping Presents

A present has all the more effect when you can tell that it wasn’t “just” bought. With hand-crafted gifts or decorated wrapping, you’ll show the other persons how much you appreciate them. Whether you want to pack Christmas presents for the loved ones at home, birthday presents for friends or small gifts as souvenirs – our packaging ideas will add value to the presents.

Other Interesting Crafting Ideas:

Needleless and extremely low-maintenance: A Christmas tree that doesn't need decorations. Create the tree with LED fairy lights that are fixed to the wall with transparent hooks.
Christmas Decorations

Christmas time is when most people want to put something decorative together themselves. Nearly everywhere, the streets are bright and glowing. Many houses and gardens are gleaming in seasonal decoration and prove how much people are looking forward to Christmas. If you want to design part of your Christmas decoration yourself, we have the right crafts ideas for you. All ideas for decora-tion can be created easily and with few tools. All you need to contribute is a little time and commitment!

Every glance through the window shows: Rabbit Day is almost here again!
Easter Decorations

At Easter, everything inside and outside will be colorful. There’ll be ornaments and decorations “as far as the eye can see.” Dyeing Easter eggs tops the popularity charts. But beyond that, there are many more exciting ideas for arts and crafts at Easter. After all, walls, tables, and Easter bushes have to be designed to fit the event. In this category, we will introduce you to handicrafts and deco-ration tips that children, adults, and the Easter bunny alike will enjoy!