Gift pencil

Magic pencil: Abracadabra – The best gifts for the first day of school are hiding in a self-crafted pencil! It is decorated with plenty of good wishes and filled with goodies.

Level of difficulty For ambitious hands
Duration 20

We need:

Colored cardboard scissors pencil ruler cutter matching silk paper satin ribbon 3 mm letter stamps and ink pad tesa® Masking Tape for CURVES tesa® double-sided adhesive tape TRANSPARENT

How we do it:

DIY Abecedarian bag / Step 1: Overview

01Abecedarian bag / Step 1

We need: colored cardboard, scissors, pencil, ruler, cutter, matching silk paper, satin ribbon 3 mm, letter stamps and ink pad, tesa® Masking Tape CURVES 30 mm, tesa® double-sided adhesive tape TRANSPARENT

DIY Abecedarian bag / Step 2: Mark

Cut 17 x 16.5 cm rectangles from the colored cardboard. Using the cutter, carefully mark lines on the upper side, parallel to the 17-cm edge in 3-cm spaces. The remaining 1.5 cm will be used as gluing tab. Now carefully mark a line with the cutter - 4 cm from the 16.5-cm edge.

DIY Abecedarian bag / Step 3: Masking tape

Apply a strip of tesa® Masking Tape CURVES along this line.

DIY Abecedarian bag / Step 4: Rectangles

04Abecedarian bag / Step 4

Fold all longitudinal edges backwards.

DIY Abecedarian bag / Step 5: Cut tips

05Abecedarian bag / Step 5

Now cut out the tips. Mark the center on each section, from top to bottom, cut out pointed tips left and right. Cut off the piece by the gluing tab in a straight line, just below the masking tape.

DIY Abecedarian bag / Step 6: Apply adhesive tape

Apply tesa® double-sided adhesive tape TRANSPARENT on the gluing tab.

DIY Abecedarian bag / Step 7: Stamp

Stamp the middle section from the outside.

DIY Abecedarian bag / Step 8: Remove film

Peel-off the protective film from the adhesive tape.

DIY Abecedarian bag / Step 9: Glue together

Glue the pencil together.

DIY Abecedarian bag / Step 10: Fold

Fold the tips inwards. Wrap small gifts - school supplies and candy - in silk paper (25 x 30 cm) and place them in the gift pencil. Close the ends with the satin ribbon.