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Easter Decorations

At Easter, everything inside and outside will be colorful. There’ll be ornaments and decorations “as far as the eye can see.” Dyeing Easter eggs tops the popularity charts. But beyond that, there are many more exciting ideas for arts and crafts at Easter. After all, walls, tables, and Easter bushes have to be designed to fit the event. In this category, we will introduce you to handicrafts and deco-ration tips that children, adults, and the Easter bunny alike will enjoy!

Our Best Easter Decoration Ideas

Crafts at Easter – Colors Over Colors

Easter holiday decoration with flowers

Easter Decoration Ideas

At Easter, Christians across the world commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter is celebrated every year at the earliest on March 22 and at the latest on April 25. In particular in the Western world, many Easter traditions have developed over the course of time.

Ranging from the Easter Parade in New York over Easter egg rolling to the Easter bonfire (in Scotland and German-speaking nations). Apparently, Easter also stimulates people’s creativity. Kids and grown-ups both do their utmost to decorate their home and garden with as many colors as possible.

Craft and Decoration Ideas for Easter


In our category “Easter Decorations,” you can find many ideas for crafts projects that you can implement quickly and easily. All you need are our powerfully adhesive tesa products and a few more tools.

Easy Easter Decoration

Easter holiday decoration with daisy flowers

Easter Decoration Inspiration

Even as a rookie craftsperson, you’ll be able to create the beautiful decorative objects, e.g. a DIY wall clock, a lamp shade or name tags. Every crafts idea is presented step by step – and in many cases also on video – so that you can’t make any mistakes. Look forward to cheerful and colorful Easter holidays!