DIY Easter Decoration

Painting Easter Eggs

The perfect wrapping for an Easter gift? A lovingly decorated cardboard egg! These DIY Easter decorations not only look good; they also make ideal presents for your guests - even without filling.

Level of difficulty Original & quick
Duration 20

We need:

Cardboard eggs (blanks to be filled) gray silk paper scissors brush craft paint in pink, gray and silver feathers and small branches for decoration tesa® Deco Tape, tesa® Masking Tape PERFECT 50 m x 19 mm

How we do it:

DIY Easter Eggs // Overview

Collect all items and let's start!

DIY Easter Eggs // Step 1

Mask the desired pattern on the cardboard egg (in our example, a diagonal area).

DIY Easter Eggs // Step 2

Paint the masked area.

DIY Easter Eggs // Step 3

Allow the paint to dry and remove the masking tape.

DIY Easter Eggs // Step 4

Now, mask a second diagonal area.

DIY Easter Eggs // Step 5

Color the area with the silver paint.

DIY Easter Eggs // Step 6

Allow to dry and remove the masking tape.

DIY Easter Eggs // Step 7

Cover the borders of the egg halves with the Deco Tape in order to hide the white edge. Bend the protruding part inward.

DIY Easter Eggs // Step 8

Fold the silk paper to a narrow band and cut off fine strips using the scissor; unfold the paper and slightly crumple it. Use this "Easter grass" to fill the lower egg half.

DIY Easter Eggs // Step 9

Decorate the upper egg half with a small branch and a feather.