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Wedding Decoration Ideas

The “most beautiful day in your life” will be even more beautiful with an impressive wedding decora-tion! Unfortunately, pretty much anything associated with weddings is never really affordable. If you can design some decorative objects yourself, you’ll not only save one or the other cent but also add your own signature to the atmosphere. Loving details will impress your wedding guests and provide conversation topics. For our crafts ideas, you’ll only need a little bit of commitment, crafts materials and tesa adhesive products!

Our Best Wedding Decoration Ideas:

The Perfect Wedding Celebration

Many women already dreamed of their wedding as little girls. When the day finally comes, everything has to be right. For the suitable atmosphere, not only the music but also the wedding decoration is particularly important. Setting the right highlights can thus support the desired mood. Here, patterns and colors play a role you should never underestimate.

With decorative objects you’ve fashioned yourself, you’ll add a very personal touch to your wedding party and show how important this life-changing day is. Perhaps you might create part of the table decoration or gift bags all by yourself?!

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Don’t give away any and all influence. Surprise your guests by putting together parts of the wedding decoration yourself. Even if it’s just little things. You’ll see that preparing something by yourself will increase your sense of anticipation immensely. Besides, you’ll also save money.

Making Your Own Wedding Decoration

In our category wedding decoration, we’ll present to you crafts ideas that are easy and affordable to implement. You’ll learn how to put together these decorative objects step by step as well as with photos, texts and frequently animated imagery. That way, you won’t have to worry about doing anything wrong.

Other Interesting Crafting Ideas:

If the packaging keeps what it promises, it contains the most amazing gifts! Once you got the hang of it, the bags are created in no time, even in your desired size.
Gift Wrapping Ideas

With our crafts ideas, you’ll get prettier gift wrapping. That way you’ll ensure that not only the gift but also the packaging will serve as a true highlight. Decorate the wrapping with gold stars, colorful tas-sels or tiny snowflakes. Here, you’ll also find crafts ideas for gift bags. For every idea, we have writ-ten extensive instructions so nothing can really go wrong. Photos show every individual step up to the finished gift wrapping. For the implementation, you’ll only need a little time, crafts materials and the right tesa adhesive products. We wish you loads of fun with your crafts project!

The individual DIY wall decoration is a true eye-catcher, proving that you don’t have to turn out your pockets for a good taste in interior design.
Wall Decoration Ideas

Walls play an extraordinarily important role in designing living spaces. As early as selecting the wall paint, you should get proper advice. After all, colors have an immense effect on the mood. So, when decorating, it makes sense to think intensely about what you’re going to do. Ideally, you’ll decorate your walls so that you create an atmosphere in which you feel good – as will your guests. In this category, you’ll find interesting ideas for an individual wall decoration!