If you’re looking to redesign your living space and achieve impressive results, we are the right partner for you. In our range, you can find masking tapes for sharp color edges, smart Easy Cover® covering solutions to prevent a mess, and adhesive tapes to put down carpets with no danger of slipping. Our high-quality and proven adhesive solutions make renovation work easier, allowing you to reach your goal faster, more cleanly, and more comfortably. You can look forward to the new feeling of your living space and the amazed eyes of your guests…

Change Spices Up Life!

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Living space can be designed ever so beautifully but after some time the design, the colors, or the floor coverings can get boring. A fresh coat of paint on the wall or a stylish carpet can be enough to change the experience and invigorate your living space. Do you need professional craftsmen for the renovation work? No, because with just a little bit of commitment and our adhesive solutions, renovating becomes child’s play and is even fun for many people.


Our Reliable Helpers: Masking Tapes, Covering Solutions and Flooring Tapes

Whether you’d like to paint your walls, varnish your door frames, or put down a new carpet – with our products, you can lay the foundation for excellent results. While the masking tapes allow sharp color edges and the Easy Cover® covering foil or paper can protect large areas from paint spills, the various flooring tapes allow you to affix carpets and other floor covers temporarily or permanently. Learn more about the many advantages of our innovative and powerfully adhesive products!