With white acrylic paint and chalkboard paint you go from an old and boring dresser to a unique and modern piece of furniture.
Upcycling furniture ideas

Upcycling furniture ideas

Old furniture should head for the landfill? Not if you get inspired by our upcycling ideas! All you need is white acrylic paint and chalkboard paint to go from an old and boring dresser to a unique and modern piece of furniture. Here you will learn how to use our upcycling ideas to turn an old, conventional dresser into a trendy piece of furniture in just a few steps!

Level of difficulty : Leisurely inspiration

  • White acrylic paint 
  • Chalkboard paint
  • A paint brush and a paint roller
  • Masking tape, e. g. tesa® masking tape gloss paint

Of course it’s just a colour suggestion to combine black and white. Since both acrylic and chalkboard paint are available in several colours, the choice is all yours. We recommend using colours that harmonize with the remaining living space.

How we do it:


Remove all dust and dirt from the dresser.


Use a paint roller, cover the entire visible area with white paint and let it dry.


Mask the edges of the drawer fronts with tesa® masking tape gloss paint.


Now coat the taped off interior with chalkboard paint – including the handles.


Remove the masking tape. Your uniquely designed dresser is finished!

After the chalkboard paint has dried, you can use chalk to write on the drawer fronts or put individual designs on them. In a short space of time, with little effort and few materials, your old dresser has become a marvellous conversation piece for your guests. And because you didn’t have to purchase a new dresser, you’re also doing your bit for the environment. It’s quite amazing what you can make from old furniture with the right upcycling ideas and a limited amount of work. Give it a try.