We do: Push circularity 

The circular economy becomes our framework

tesa will contribute to the circular economy and use resources as carefully as possible. First and foremost, this involves avoiding waste. Where that is not possible, we reduce it. Where waste is unavoidable, we seek to reuse or recycle it by various means. By 2025, we want to eliminate all landfill disposal of production-related waste.

tesa will further invest significantly in the further development of solvent-free and energy-efficient production technology and capacity. The facilities on which we currently coat with solvents are to be technically upgraded so that the solvents are fully recovered at the end of the process and thus remain in the cycle.

Our long term strategic goal:
Zero waste from our products

Major sustainability targets 2030

End-of-life solutions

We will offer selected products with sustainable end-of-life solutions.

Solvent-free processes

We are investing in solvent-free processes and in technological infrastructure for the full recovery of solvents.

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Stories about how we push circularity

At tesa, we have made sustainability a priority and are working on this important transformation of our company. There is a lot of work to be done to make a company more sustainable, and we want to use our expertise and our passion to tackle all of it: How we operate, how products are made, how we choose suppliers and raw materials, and how we think and act all need to become more sustainable. To see what we are working on, take a look at our stories.