tesafilm® Transparent Tape

Transparent adhesive tape is the original core of the brand tesa. First introduced in the 1930s, tesafilm® laid the foundation for a richly successful company history that continues to this date. The fact that nearly everybody in Germany knows the brand name tesa is for the most part due to the transparent tape. The brand’s degree of awareness is even high enough that many people in Germany use tesafilm® as a synonym for adhesive tape – a privilege few brands have achieved.


Our Transparent Adhesive Tape – tesafilm® Popular for Generations

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The enormous popularity is most likely explained by the tesafilm® transparent adhesive tape solving an everyday problem that can be described by the following question: How do I fixate lightweight objects with the least possible effort? And for many generations, the answer has been: It’s easy… just use tesafilm®! The transparent tape continues to be developed to further strengths, the range has been extended. Today, you can find the right product for any application – whether you would like to put up postcards or drawings, to seal letters or wrap presents, or do some handicrafts. And of course, in this category, you’ll also find the practical hand or table dispensers which allow you to work even more comfortably with the transparent tape.

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