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Create your own, unique lampshade with tesa Glue Stamp ecoLogo®
DIY Lampshade

DIY Lampshade

With our ideas, even creating an individualized lampshade is child’s play. Are you curious how to put together a DIY lampshade? This way, please! In just a few steps, you can turn a conventional table lamp into a designer light, thus giving the atmosphere of your living space a very personal touch.

Level of difficulty : Original & quick

Your friends and acquaintances will surely be stunned by how quickly you can change your living space for the better with small creative ideas! In the video clip, we’ll show you step by step how to create your DIY lampshade.

  • A table lamp
  • Some pongee silk (Japanese silk)
  • A ruler
  • A box cutter
  • A cutting board
  • A pencil
  • A triangular stencil 21 cm by 3 cm
  • tesa Glue Stamp ecoLogo®

How we do it:


What We Need:

We need a table lamp, some pongee silk (Japanese silk), a ruler, a box cutter, a cutting board, a pencil, a triangular stencil 21 cm by 3 cm, and tesa Glue Stamp ecoLogo®.

Overview of materials.
Overview of materials.


Put together triangular stencil in the above size. Cut off a piece of pongee silk and fold it in several layers. Place the stencil on the fabric and draw triangles with the pencil.

Draw triangles for your lampshade.
Draw triangles for your lampshade.


Cut out triangles with the box cutter and the ruler.

Cut out triangles.
Cut out triangles.


Stamp the glue in the centre on top of the triangles.

Use the tesa Glue Stamp ecoLogo®.
Use the tesa Glue Stamp ecoLogo®.


Glue the triangles in rows next to each other on the lampshade, starting at the bottom. Apply a good amount of pressure. Glue the rows 4 cm apart and offset. Glue the last row double, on top of each other, to allow the light to shine evenly through the DIY lampshade.

Glue triangles to the lampshade.
Glue triangles to the lampshade.


Enjoy your tailored lampshade!

Enjoy your tailored lampshade!
Enjoy your tailored lampshade!
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