Creative Wall Art with Red Stripes

Wall Design Ideas

With the wall design, you can significantly influence the atmosphere in your living space. The sci-ence of colors teaches us that different colors have different effects. Red for example is invigorat-ing and exciting. Green promotes regeneration and is calming. Yellow, on the other hand, is said to brighten moods. Beyond that, you can jazz up your wall design with patterns and gradients. Here you’ll find out design ideas!

Our Best Wall Design Ideas:

Get Inspired by our Ideas

With our painter’s tapes, we have been the long-term partners of many professional painters. Our masking solutions also find frequent application in the private area. That’s why we are well familiar with designing walls and have gathered some design ideas for you here. One of these is using color gradients on your wall.

Aside from the wall paints and a paint roll or a brush, you’ll only need the right tesa masking tape for the implementation. We explain every step at length in text and images so that amateurs can hardly do anything wrong. Give your creativity free rein and surprise your guests with a fresh wall design!

A Little Change is a Good Thing

Are you bored with your wall design? Then it’s about time to change something about it! We will show you that you won’t have to turn the whole place upside down to create a new wall design. Our ideas are more about “small effort, big effect.” And here we made sure that all ideas can be put into practice easily and quickly.

With our design ideas, you can bring some variety into your home and create an entirely new look and feel. Just take a look at our other DIY categories. We’re sure you’ll find one or the other crafts or decoration idea that will optimally harmonize with your new wall design.