Simple wall painting ideas

Simple wall painting ideas

Another way of painting walls: Try the masking tape from tesa® to convert blank walls into small works of art and make your home prettier! Put some variety into your home and turn the same old wall into a real eye-catcher! In our video clip, we’ll show you how to create a completely new atmosphere in your living space.

Level of difficulty : Leisurely inspiration

  • Red paint
  • A paint brush and a paint roller
  • Red shelves
  • Masking tape from tesa® – e.g. tesa® masking tape classic or tesa® masking tape perfect.
  • Cover sheets or drop cloth

When creating graphic designs, it’s important that you take the size and shape of the shelves into account. Of course, the selection of colours is merely a suggestion. Nonetheless, we recommend that you choose a colour combination that harmonizes with the other colours in the room. In a flash, you’ll turn a boring part of the room into a place brimming with creativity and individuality, a place which will impress your guests.



Protect the floor and your furniture from paint splatter with a protective sheet.


Use the masking tape to create the striped pattern. Then, paint the interior of the taped off area with the red wall paint. Afterwards, remove the masking tape carefully .


Mount the shelves.

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