Halloween: Gruselspinne

Halloween Decorations

Pumpkin lanterns and creepy disguises are the trademarks of Halloween. But to have the truly gruesome look for the All Hallow’s Eve just right, you need a lot more. If you don’t want to spend your money on expensive Halloween decorations from the supermarket, we have the perfect alternative for you. Just make your decoration yourself. With our Halloween decoration ideas, the right tesa products and a few more tools, that’s truly child’s play!

Our Best Halloween Decoration Ideas

Happy Halloween

Halloween Pumpkin

Children looking for Sweets at Halloween

Halloween is an Irish tradition that spread to the United States in the 19th century. Only in the 1990s did the American version of Halloween arrive in Europe and has been enjoying increasing popularity ever since.

Children are walking from door to door, shouting “Trick or Treat!” They are dressed up as e.g. skeletons, bats or vampires. Most adults are well prepared, distributing sweets, and they have decorated their home with scary Halloween ornaments.

DIY Halloween Ideas

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In this category, you’ll find awesome handicrafts ideas for Halloween. All these ideas are child’s play to put together, and they’ll contribute to a terrifying Halloween look, e.g. the abominable DIY spider or the spooky cat lanterns.

Halloween Decoration and Craft

DIY Halloween Decoration with Pumpkins

Scary little Halloween ornaments

If you want to prepare the right way for the Halloween night, you need the proper decoration. The easy way leads straight into the supermarket. But if you’d rather be creative and individual, you’ll put your Halloween decoration together yourself. That’s hardly as difficult as you might think. And what’s more, you’ll save money.