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Adhesive Hooks

If you want to mount lightweight decorative objects up to a weight of 1 kilogram to window panes or mirrors, our transparent adhesive hooks are the ideal solution. Since they are barely visible, the observer’s eye will only focus on the object. The adhesive hooks are easy to attach with the proven Powerstrips® technology, can be removed without leaving a trace, and can also be effortlessly reused with a new adhesive strip. For that reason, the transparent adhesive hooks are particularly suited if you redecorate your windows every season, for example.

Adhesive Hooks – Practical, Powerful, Easy to Mount

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Adhesive solutions these days provide an excellent hold, allowing you to confidently leave your drill, wall anchors, and screws on your tool rack – at least up to a certain weight range. Our adhesive hooks function with the most modern adhesive technology, have a multitude of applications, and can be mounted in just a few steps. For the adhesive hooks to develop their top bonding power, you should make sure to read through the included instructions. For example, it’s vital for a successful application that you clean grease, dust, and dirt from the surface before putting up the hooks. In our range, you can find many, diverse adhesive hooks all sharing one characteristic: They will provide a secure mount suited for the respective occasion. From waterproof kitchen or bathroom hooks through to ceiling hooks and picture frame hooks down to the hook rack for keys, you will find many practical adhesive solutions made of plastic or metal.