tesa® Marking Tape

Marking Tape

Safety first! Our marking tapes are the perfect solution if you want to warn people about a danger. With striking colors, they highlight risks and thus prevent accidents and complications. Our range offers self-adhesive marking tapes, with our superior adhesive quality, as well as non-adhesive marking tapes.


High-Value Marking Tapes for Various Applications

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In our range, you can find several marking tapes all sharing three characteristics: 1. They consist of robust and sturdy materials. 2. They are very hard to miss because of their striking colors. 3. They can be comfortably applied. While you can use adhesive marking tapes to protect packages with sensitive contents (Caution fragile!) or to mark storing positions, the non-adhesive signal tapes help you block areas that should not be entered. Using a signal tape is an option, for example, when you just sowed a new lawn, freshly placed cobblestones, or dug a hole in the garden. Especially parents will be grateful to you since children seem to be magically drawn to danger…