tesa Floor Tape

Floor Tape

Affixing carpets and PVC floor covers is no longer a problem with our range of double-sided flooring tapes. When choosing a carpet flooring tape, you can select between several different versions. The question is, would you like to secure the floor covering permanently or just temporarily? In both cases, the superior tesa adhesive quality provides optimal fixation. Aside from the flooring tapes, you can also find adhesive solutions here for particular challenges.


Flooring Tapes Keep Your Floor Coverings in Place

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Whether you want to permanently put down PVC floor covering in your kitchen at home or temporarily place a red carpet at work, we have the right flooring tape for you. And that’s even when you want to fixate a carpet on a slippery surface. While in the latter case, an anti-slip floor mat is the right solution, there are several flooring tapes available for other challenges. Considering these specific examples, we recommend the extra-strong flooring tape for the PVC covering and for the red carpet the flooring tape that can be removed without leaving any trace. And as long as you pay attention to the application instructions, successfully putting down floor covering is no problem at all, even for absolute beginners.