tesa® Double-Sided Tape Universal

tesa ® Double-sided Tape Universal is a highly versatile self-adhesive tape that is ideal for carpet fixation, handicrafts and home decoration.

  • Multi-functional: For fixing carpets on different surfaces, for handicrafts and decorating
  • Tearable by hand
  • Foil quality

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Main features

  • Multi-functional: For fixing carpets on different surfaces, for handicrafts and decorating
  • Tearable by hand
  • Foil quality

Product description

tesa ® Double-sided Tape Universal is a highly versatile double-sided tape that matches a wide range of applications like floor laying, handicraft and home decoration. It is able to attach all types of materials, provided they have a sufficiently firm, flat and smooth surface. The tape features a plastic foil that can easily be torn by hand for fast and easy application. It offers strong adhesion and can be used for the permanent fixation of different materials.
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tesa ® Double-sided Tape Universal truly lives up to its name. It is a highly versatile multi-purpose double-sided self-adhesive tape that offers superior adhesion in a wide variety of applications.

Easy handling meets reliable adhesion

tesa ® Double-sided Tape Universal offers secure and reliable adhesion on many flat and smooth surfaces. The tape can easily be torn by hand to support easy handling without the need of any tools. Yet it provides superior adhesive powers to guarantee permanent fixation

Excellent qualities as a carpet tape

For fast and easy carpet laying, simply stick multiple strips of tesa ® Double-sided Tape Universal onto the floor. To ensure perfect adhesion, make sure that the floor is dry and absolutely free from dust. After removing the protective covering, you only need to roll out the carpet and can rest assured that it will be fixed permanently. Make sure to stick an uninterrupted strip of the tape along all sides of the carpet to ensure perfect adhesion from wall to wall. This double sided sticky tape is also ideal for fixing rugs.

Multi functional double sided handicraft tape

For many handicraft applications tesa ® Double-sided Tape Universal is the fast and easy alternative to using glue. It is a multifunctional double-sided tape that can be used in combination with many materials that have a flat, dry and sufficiently smooth surface. This also makes it an ideal fixing tape to permanently attach lightweight decorative objects onto the wall.

Ready for small and big jobs

tesa ® Double-sided Tape Universal has a width of 50 mm and comes in rolls with 5, 10 or 25 meters of tape. While the smaller roll might be ideal for crafting and decorating, the bigger rolls are ideal for carpet laying.