tesa® Signal Premium

tesa® Signal Premium is a highly tear-proof self-adhesive warning and signaling tape designed to permanently mark danger zones or hazardous areas.

  • Highly tear-proof PVC backing
  • Natural rubber adhesive ensures excellent adhesion
  • For marking permanent obstacles and hazard areas

Order no:
Dimensions: 66m x 50mm

Main features

  • Highly tear-proof PVC backing
  • Natural rubber adhesive ensures excellent adhesion
  • For marking permanent obstacles and hazard areas
  • Even, low-noise unwinding
  • Colour code according to EU regulation for marking
  • Suitable for use in all tesa® hand dispensers

Product description

Whether you want to warn passers by of a dangerous trip hazard or keep people away from hazard areas - tesa® Signal Premium is the ideal tape to indicate dangers in private and professional surroundings. It comes as black and yellow or red and white signal tape that conforms to EU safety regulations. Made from highly tear-resistant PVC with a natural rubber adhesive coating, the tape is equipped for all applications requiring a permanent warning signal. For easy application it can be used with all tesa® hand dispensers.
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How many times did you see someone stumble because of that step that seems to be at a place where nobody expects it? How often did you have to prevent someone from getting too close to a machine to avoid the danger of personal injuries? tesa® Signal Premium is the perfect means to mark such potentially dangerous spots in order to prevent accidents and free you from any liability.

Marking tape according to EU regulations

EU safety regulations call for a warning tape that conforms to specific standards. tesa® Signal Premium is a warning tape that is available in a black and yellow and a red and white version to warn of safety hazards in accordance with EU regulations.

Ideal for permanent hazard areas

Areas that represent a permanent safety hazard require a warning tape that offers long-time qualities and will serve its purpose even under demanding conditions. tesa® Signal Premium is a highly tear-proof PVC tape equipped with a self-adhesive coating that ensures excellent adhesion on a wide range of surfaces. Such qualities make it the ideal tape for workshops, manufacturing sites or any other type of danger zone.

Ideal for section separation and hazard warning

Use tesa® Signal Premium to mark pathways on factory floors and separate danger zones that represent increased safety hazards. Stick it on machines or other equipment to indicate areas where extra caution is required. Use it to mark equipment that is out of order or anything requiring special attention.

Equipped for easy application

tesa® Signal Premium is designed for even and low-noise unwinding. To match even professional needs, the tape matches any tesa® hand dispenser for precise application on any surface that is sufficiently smooth and free from dust, oil and grease. For best adhesion, simply use alcohol or any silicone-free detergent to prepare the surface.