Self-made Easter Decoration

Ideas for Easter Baskets

Decorated with some hay, branches and a feather, this hand-made Easter basket looks great on the Easter table, and offers a perfect hiding place for sweets!

Level of difficulty Original & quick
Duration 20

We need:

Per basket 1 sheet DIN A4 marble-look cardboard scissors pencil set square small bunny stamp stamp pad tesa® Deco Tape tesa® Roller Permanent Gluing ecoLogo®

How we do it:

DIY Easter Basket // Overview

Collect all items and let's start!

DIY Easter Basket // Step 1

Using the set square, draw three lines on the cardboard, each at a distance of 6 cm. At right angles, draw another three lines at a distance of 6 cm. This results in an 18 x 18 cm square.

DIY Easter Basket // Step 2

Cut out the square. Then cut the middle lines on two opposite sides to the center square.

DIY Easter Basket // Step 3

Now fold all outside fields along the lines toward the central square.

DIY Easter Basket // Step 4

Turn the sheet around and stamp a bunny on a non-incised field above the center square. Allow to dry.

DIY Easter Basket // Step 5

Now apply Roller Glue to the central and lower incised lateral squares.

DIY Easter Basket // Step 6

Glue the lower squares behind the middle squares…

DIY Easter Basket // Step 7

… and the upper squares on the middle squares. Now you've created a small box.

DIY Easter Basket // Step 8

Apply a strip of Deco Tape on the upper border, half of it protruding.

DIY Easter Basket // Step 9

Bend the protruding tape inward and press firmly.