DIY Lace Vases

DIY Lace Vases

How do you turn a conventional vase into an individual designer object? With the vase decoration ideas from tesa®! We have come up with two variants for you, tried them, and present them to you today – not only with step by step instructions but also with a video clip. In the video clip, we’re showing you in detail how to make something special out of a boring glass vase.

Level of difficulty : Original & quick

  • different glass vases
  • scissors
  • doily made of paper in different sizes and patterns
  • adhesive pads

How it's done:


We need: different glass vases, scissors, doily made of paper in different sizes and patterns, tesa® TACK adhesive pads

Overview of materials needed for DIY lace vases


Cut different shapes and elements out of the doily.

Cut the doily


Take the adhesive pads from the sheet.

Take the adhesive pads


Put the adhesive pads on the back of the doily. Depending on elements of the doily, try to position the tacks accordingly.

Apply the adhesive pads


Stick the doily elements on the vases.

tesa SE
Position and stick the doily to the glass vase to create your own DIY vase


A unique vase is either an expensive individual piece… or self-made!

Enjoy your unique lace vases!